Sunday, March 27, 2011

That's what I call a kitchen!

We landed up in Glastonbury and after climbing the Tor (more on that some other time) we went to see the abbey ruins. I could write a book about them, so fascinating, but I am going to focus in right now on the Mother of all Kitchens.
 This is a kitchen. It's the size of a 3-bed house and about four storeys high. Only one room inside though.
 One of the four fireplaces set up like it would have been in the 16th C, when it was last used.
 Another fireplace. There is one in each corner, in fact they ARE the corners, with a hood across for the chimney. It was a beautiful day, quite warm, but it was chilly inside the kitchen. Thank goodness as with those fires going it would have been roasting!
 The ceiling and a window.
Me trying to get a photo that captures the grandiosity of the space.
This is the Abbot's Kitchen. It didn't serve the whole Abbey, just the Abbot and his immediate staff, guests and visitors! It does give one a sense of how important the Abbot of Glastonbury was, until Henry 8 came a long and ruined it all. Pillock.
Perhaps my efforts to renovate kitchens in the past few years are unambitious? Me, I'd happily LIVE in this one! Maybe with better heating, and not from one of those big draughty fireplaces...

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