Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tiffany Aching Country

I'm having trouble getting online so there are gaps in this blog story I will backfill if I need to back home.
In the meantime, I am sharing snippets. We are in Faringdon, an historic market town on the border of the Cotswolds, and only 6 miles from the White Horce. So, off we tottered to see it. The weather was not great, a fine mist over everything that is damp and penetrating.
What we found was The Chalk. I kept expecting to see a glimpse of a wee blue man in the corner of my eye. This is Tiffany Aching's country, and I imagine that Terry Pratchett once stood in this very field and conceived the idea of the Chalk and the NacMac Feegle (if you have no idea what I am talking about, read some Terry Pratchett!)
 The "ships" line themselves up for some magical reason known only to them. Notice the complete whiteout at the edge of the shot...
A modern take on granny Aching's moveable house.
The idea is to park in a carpark and trudge across this sheep infested hillside field until you see the White Horse. Of course, we couldn't see it at all, just white mist and cloud.
Still, this is a place of potent magic, not sinister but palpable, and I can easily see how it grows witches as powerful as Tiffany.


  1. And did anything important disappear while you were around? Food, booze, that sort of thing? Although I bet the NacMac Feegle know better than to cross you! You're virtually an Ogg!

  2. Aha, back online at last! :) Yes, a fair bit did disappear in the carpark but that was us eating it hehehe. I tink I am at least part Kelda, all those years of sorting out teams of blokes at work... ;-)

  3. Hehe! Just imagine the idea of Nanny Ogg as a Kelda - those poor Feegles wouldn't know what hit them!