Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What God has joined, let no man rip asunder...

..unless it is a church! The 14thC church at Selsey on the south coast, was split at some point, and most of it was moved from a tiny marshy bit of land at a place called Church Norton, into Selsey itself.
I don't know why this happened but given the sheer stony weightiness of the main Church, it's a pretty impressive undertaking.
 This is the Chapel of St Wilfred, formed from the sanctuary of the original church. You can really tell at the south wall is so plain!
 Excuse the crazy angle, but isn't the ceiling amazing! It was such a delightful little chapel.
 This is St Peters, the main bit that they moved block by block, to this new site, about four miles away. It has a 'new' sanctuary, which you can just see cut off on the right.
Inside St Peter's. The ceilings of the two definitely suit each other.
I had a mad idea that since this was the closest thing David has to a home town, that we could have our marriage blessed or renew our vows or something. unfortunately there was no one at either church even though they were both open to the public, so it never happened. Ah well. :)

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